Is Aaron aware he is allowed to break character?

#yeah keep jocking around and waste time we should be using planning a revolution they’re gonna kick our fucking lazy asses keep laughing you ignorant clowns

the infinite list of enjolras/eponine fanfiction: 3/∞

roses in misery by annemarie24601

He just looked at her “Why would you want to marry a prince?”
“So I can be a Princess!” She raised her eyebrows at him surely he had known the answer was obvious.
“You do know that the English king is mad” He raised his eyebrow at her, she responded by throwing her plucked blades of grass at him.
“What would I care so long as I was a princess? If I can’t marry a Prince” she tapped the side of her cheek as she considered the thought seriously “Then I will marry a Bourgeois naturally, a very rich one so I can have lovely things or anyone with a lovely big house. Or maybe I will marry you, but only if I really can’t find anyone else.” She expected him to laugh but the serious expression came back across his face.
“I’ll never get married”
“What not even to me?” she cried.
“No, I never want to marry anyone.”
Her name was Eponine, her life was cold and dark but she was unafraid. He was the marble lover of liberty. As children they 
had been inseperable friends, as adults they are as different 
as fire and ice. But when they meet again on the eve of a 
revolution can they ignore the happiness they once knew 
together or are they destined to remain 'Roses in Misery'.

The Real Les Mis Captions


sometimes i think about the fact that grantaire cared too much about everything

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